• Public Safety Evaluations

    Brain Performance and Psychology Center has multiple psychologists and clinicians trained in evaluation of police, fire, and public safety with over 20 years of experience in the field. We provide services for large city Public Safety Managers, Human Resource Departments, and smaller local police and fire departments. Dr. Corby Bubp has been a consultant for the Indiana State Police, Fort Wayne Police, Fishers Police, I.U. Police, FAA, and multiple other public safety departments. We can help with PERF assessment needs as well as other mental health evaluations and services.

    Common Services Provided:

    • Police, fire, and personnel applicant assessment/testing including PERF
    • Fitness for Duty
      • Evaluate and objectively measure cognitive/thinking performance to ensure ability for employee to handle all responsibilities required for the job
      • Evaluation for psychological, mental health, substance/alcohol, emotional, or PTSD type symptoms
    • Crisis Management and Critical Incident Consulting
    • Return to work decisions following concussions, brain injury, and emotional/trauma situations such as those involving PTSD type events
    • Psychotherapy, counseling, and debriefing services
    • Cognitive/Emotional/PTSD Rehabilitation
    • Neuropsychological Assessment