• Dr. O’Connor received her doctorate (PsyD) in Clinical Psychology from the University of Indianapolis in 2019. She completed her pre-doctoral APA-accredited internship at the University of Texas Health Science Center – San Antonio/Kerrville State Hospital with specialized training in Forensic Psychology. Dr. O’Connor specializes in psychological assessment to provide diagnostic clarity on matters of ADHD, mood disorders, psychosis, and personality pathology. Furthermore, she provides services in Forensic and Police Psychology and can assist on matters of trial competency, risk, fitness for duty, and police, fire personnel applicant evaluations (PERF).
    Additionally, Dr. O’Connor provides individual psychotherapy using an integrative approach that calls upon psychodynamic, mindfulness, and cognitive interventions. She works primarily with adults to address a variety of concerns including depression, anxiety, relationship distress, and schizophrenia spectrum disorders. She prioritizes building a trusting and collaborative relationship with individuals as they work to find meaning and relief from their distress.